1/100 High-Resolution Model Wing Gundam EW Plastic Model

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- Another high-resolved wing -


High resolution wings weave with design arrangement and original gimmick -.

As well as reproducing the high level aircraft setting which is the characteristic of the high resolution model,

Design wing with its design arrangement and original gimmick mounted.

Realize high density detail and high play value.

Furthermore, the deformation mechanism to the bird form is reproduced, and the range of "play" · "display" is increased.

Impressive tricolor color reproduced with gloss finish.

Together with the internal skeleton frame, the contrast due to the different material makes the stereoscopic effect stand out.

What is a high resolution model --------------

With the combination of materials and design arrangement in the aircraft setting during the play

It is a brand name of Gundam that makes high resolution (high resolution).

Utilizing metals and others, a full-motioned full moveable assembled "internal skeletal frame" and

The high quality material texture is reproduced by the assembled "external armored parts" reproducing various surface textures.

You can enjoy the mechanical detail feeling by the internal skeleton frame exposed from the exterior gaps.


● HIGH DETAIL & DESIGN ARRANGE - High-density detail and design arrangement -

Design arrangement with a new interpretation is applied to the whole body including <exterior> · <wings>

With high-density detail, "Wing Gundam EW" has been made high resolution. The head exterior and wings, various armed weapons are reproduced by new modeling.

● WINGS - high resolution wings made up of new parts -

Distinctive wings are subjected to design arrangements and reproduced with new shaping.

By fine part division, it realizes high density multi-structure and original movable / stretch gimmick.

● TRANSFORMATION - Reproduce deformation to bird form -

The deformation mechanism to the bird form is reproduced in a replacement formula.

Dynamic actions that make it possible to remember flapping even in bird form are possible with movable gimmicks.

● WEAPONS - Reproduction of exclusive armed with new modeling -

Dedicated armed buster rifle, energy cartridge pod and shield are reproduced by new modeling.

The beam sabel is mounted inside the shield and comes with a clear green beam effect.

● ORIGINAL MARKING - Water transfer type decal including new design comes with -

On the left shoulder, left wing contains new design markings.

● POSING - Realizing a lively posing -

Adopted a new wrist structure emphasizing posing. Realized a lively posing.

Attached armed: buster rifle / beam saber / shield


1/100 scale assembly plastic model

Target age: 15 years old and over

Product material: PS · ABS · POM

· Adhesive is not used for assembly


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