ARTFX+ Joker NEW52 1/10 PVC Figure

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ARTFX + (Art FX plus) NEW52! Villain series that will be deployed in the series.
The long-awaited second series is, nemesis Joker in history the most mad that appeared in Batman!

This product is reproduced from a story arc that began from Batman magazine # 35, "END GAME", shorn short side and distinctive hair, sleek silhouette is the appearance of fresh black suit.

Gun concealed in a clown Rashiku behind him of the knife and the crime world that specializes is the metallic paint finish.

1/10 size of ARTFX + series unified scale, by the magnet of the base and the sole of containing metal, can be fixed in your favorite layout.

Villains buildup, of course, is also ideal for Arch Enemy exhibition of the hero.

  • Product size: Tall: 185mm / 7.28"inch
  • Meterial: ABS, PVC