B-Fighter Kabuto Command Voicer & Insect Commander Unit Complete Edition

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Expected release date is Late February 2023

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Set content
Command voicer body ... 1
Insect commander unit ... 1
Input card (B Fighter Kabuto) ... 1
Input card (B Fighter Kuwaga) ... 1
Input card (B Fighter Tentou) ... 1
Input card (Kabtron) ... 1
Input card (Kuwaga tank) ... 1
Input card (Steel gyro) ... 1
Input card (B Fighter Genji) ... 1
Input card (B Fighter Yanma) ... 1
Input card (B Fighter Min) ... 1
Input card (Bee Fighter Ageha) ... 1
Display monitor card (4 types) … 1 each
Dedicated pedestal ... 1

Product size
Command voicer body ... H approx. 107mm x W approx. 79mm x D approx. 53mm
Insect commander unit ... H approx. 107mm x W approx. 79mm x D approx. 34mm
Various input cards ... H approx. 48mm x W approx. 70mm x D approx. 2mm
Various display monitor cards ... H approx. 18mm x W approx. 38mm x D approx. 3mm
Dedicated pedestal ... H approx. 42mm x W approx. 80mm x D approx. 73mm

Product material
Command voicer body: ABS/PC
Insect Commander Unit - ABS/PC
Input card (10 types)…ABS
Display monitor card (4 types)…ABS/Paper
Dedicated pedestal…PC

Target age
15 years old or older

AAA batteries x 2 (sold separately)




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