HMM ZOIDS EZ-035 Lightning Saix Marking Plus Ver. 1/72 Plastic Model Kit

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-The hatch of the head cockpit opens and closes, and a general pilot figure is attached and can be boarded.
-The "micro missile pod" on the upper surface of the HMM original armament fuselage and the "double impact gun" on the lower fuselage can be deployed without replacement.
-The "pulse laser rifle" equipped on the back can swing in the vertical and horizontal directions.
-The "Strike Laser Claw" can also be deployed without replacement, and it also comes with production-type parts with open toes that can be replaced.
-The zoid core part built into the fuselage can be attached and detached.
-Clear parts for the head cockpit are clear green and colorless clear moldings have been added.
It is possible to paint with your favorite clear color.
-The attached decals can be precisely finished by incorporating various emblems and caution marks, increasing the amount, and pasting them as you like.

  • Product size: Length: 265mm / 10.43"inch
  • Material: PS・PE・ABS・PVC

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100% Genuine from Japan

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