RE 1/100 Gundam MK-III Unit 8 Plastic Model ( SEP 2018 )

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Dyeing up to "red", No. 8 -

From "Anaheim Laboratory Log", "Gundam Mk - III" Unit 8 appears at RE / 100!


From the spin-off story "Anaheim · Laboratory · Log" posted in Yaeba Bunko,

Developed by Anaheim · Electronics Co.,

The "Gundam Mk - Ⅲ" Unit 8 which adopted the red coloring was commercialized in the RE / 100 series! In case


● Reproduce "red" color with impact with molded color!

It was given to the new aircraft of Captain Quattro · Bazena ... with intention,

Reproduced color of "Red" exclusive color of Unit 8 with molding color.


● Record various markings! New water transfer decal included!

AE company, Aigo's logo mark, various caution marks etc. were collected, a water transfer decal newly attached!


- Enjoy a variety of poses in the wide range of motion of joints, including hip joints!


Attached armed: beam · rifle / beam · canon / beam · saber / shield



1/100 scale assembly plastic model

Target age: 15 years old and over

Product material: PS · PE

· Adhesive is not used for assembly


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